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We love all things vintage.  There is something about the character in a vintage find- something warm and comfortable about everyday objects that look as if they have seen many years in a lifetime;  However, the rare and aged are most times hard to come by, and often more sentimental than useful. We wanted to offer our customers this time tested quality and character in an affordable and functional form. That is why we go to great lengths to find offerings that are rich with vintage inspiration and design. Finding what we love, would use ourselves, or give as a gift, and bring that to you our customer. In a world filled with cheap and sometimes expensive junk, Miss Duffy’s strives to offer quality time tested vintage style relics with the hope that they will be passed from one generation to the next.
At Miss Duffy’s, we feel a deep responsibility for our offerings.  We strive wholeheartedly to support companies with a mission.  Each line we choose or company we represent has pulled a heart string in one way or another.  We love to represent meaning, and we try to share the stories behind our products with you the customer.  We are about slowing down, paying attention to the details, and offering meaning in everyday objects! We Embrace the Philosophies:

“An individual should indulge only in what is believed to be beautiful or functional.”

“Less is always more”


“Quality over Quantity Always…”

We believe our lifestyles should embody a sense of humor, a source of inspiration, and above all else, we believe that living is in the details.

As owners of Miss Duffy’s,  For almost 10 years now, our family has run this business with our heart and soul.  Miss Duffy’s is and always will be a dream for us.  Beginning humbly with just a few offerings, we have planted our plot and weighed its portions.  We are blessed beyond measure!  As the years go by in this big old house of ours, many things have grown along side our dream.  Our children are stirring as I write- The first and best of these things.  The same small frames I once carried now bounding with independence.  My children were and continue to be the driving force behind all I do.  We should all be reminded that the most important creations can not be bought, but must be cherished and nurtured above all else.
 Cutie Pies!
Kind Regards,

The Duffy’s

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